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This project aims to explore website design. I intended to introduce abstract artworks to art lovers. People are confused when they look the modern art. They don’t understand the meaning and background stories of abstract art. In this website, people will learn the background of the artworks, find some new artists and buy some artwork.  


After researching and distilling people’s problems with abstract art, I built a sitemap which included an abstract art introduction, artist promotions, and event exploration. I solve the art lovers’ issues with this sitemap. All the functions provided enough information for visitors who could get inspiration from the artworks. To keep it consistent and abstracted, all the background images were redesigned from abstract artworks in this website.  

shop 12.png
art work 14.png
exploration 9.png
current work 11.png
event intro 10.png
artist work 8.png
artist 6.png