This project required us to design a new identity and reposition developing areas for dead brand. I chose the brand Sega which restructured to focus on providing software as a third-party developer after financial losses incurred from its Dreamcast console. The soul of Sega is to get to the next level. The new brand mission is created to encourage users to get to the next level, not only in games, but also in life. 


Goes up is the core of this brand. The whole project includes branding design, books and website design. The identity design is around the keywords innovation, adventure and advancement. The new look which I designed for Sega showed the upward tendency and the power to get to the next level. The logo was composed of the symbol and the wordmark. The symbol came from the first letter S and a triangle. It showed the upward tendency which expressed the company soul. For future development, Sega aims to help users improve their physical condition and strengthen mental levels, and help them to enjoy their lives. I explored Sega’s new development directions from Home, Work and Play, which helps people get to the next level. I used three books to record and show Sega’s future exploration. The website shows an exhaustive review which includes branding, book design, and the new future explorations of Sega.

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