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This project aimed to explore the three-dimensional structure of fonts. The concept was contemporary opera houses which included Guangzhou Opera House, Oslo Opera House and Sydney Opera House. I used typefaces to show architectural aesthetics. According to each building’s features, I created a series of posters.


For Guangzhou Opera House, which has folded lines in the landscape defining territories and zones, I designed the type with different lines crossing the type body to show the building edges and smooth transitions. The second type I designed for Oslo Opera House, which showed laying out a ‘carpet’ of horizontal and sloping surfaces on the top of the building. I showed the type with different layers piled together with different angles. The last type was for Sydney Opera House, which is made like sails. The final three posters stayed consistent with different angles.  

flow 1.png

Inspiration from Guangzhou Opera House

Poster 1



Model Detail

Poster 2

flow 3.png


Inspiration from Sydney Opera House


Model Detail

flow 2.png

Poster 3

Inspiration from Oslo Opera House




Model Detail