The design process goes from ideology to a creative solution. After several years of study, my understanding of design has been completely subverted. Visual designers don’t just express information or make images beautiful; we communicate our thinking through design to achieve communication with others. 


I conveyed my thoughts, experiences, memories, and feelings through the visual design work which I have created over the last few years. You will find my recent projects which include application, website, event, and branding design. Each project distills a question, and I use design skills to solve the problem. I explore varied design styles which reflected the special group of audience’s aesthetic habits and also extended my design skills. Thanks to these projects, I know I can be an excellent designer, and I will keep going on to explore new areas of design and extend my design skills. As we all know, the times are changing, and the design trends and needs are changing, continual learning and exploring is the best way to make ourselves become qualified designers.